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Family Founded, Owned, & Operated

At rrmann Meats, we strive to bring you quality meats every day. Our processing plant is just north of Fair Grove, MO and has been in our family since 2003. We specialize in custom processing of beef, hogs, bison, llama, goat, lamb and other species…we’ve even processed bear! Our plant is USDA inspected and Animal Welfare approved. Recently, we were able to expand our processing plant which has allowed us to expand our vision for the company.

Our retail store is located on West Battlefield Road in Springfield, MO. Our Battlefield store has been in operation since 2011. We carry meat from local producers, which is processed at our plant, as well as a variety of hand-made sausages and bratwurst. As a family, we like to eat and love to experiment with new recipes! If it passes our family and our employees, you’ll find it in our cases.

We opened a second store on East Battlefield Road in Springfield, MO in 2016. While that store was a dream to create and construct, God’s plans were very different from ours! In fall of 2018, we had to close the East Battlefield store, not due to lack of support from our customers, but due to God revealing to us a different vision for the future. In October 2018, we returned all of our retail operations to our West Battlefield store…where it all began. We are truly looking forward to what God has in store for our family and our business as we move forward!

We would love to get to know you in our store as well as our processing plant! By way of getting the process started, here is a brief introduction of our family:

  • Rick and Andrea Hoerman: Purchased the Processing plant in 2003 and got the ball rolling for where we are today! You will find Rick at the processing plant or on the farm and Andrea spending lots of quality grandma time with her 3 granddaughters.
  • Seth and Erin Hoerman: Seth is Rick and Andrea’s older son. He and Erin were married in 2011. Seth and Erin are primarily found at the retail store. Seth can also be found at our processing plant.
  • Grant and Casie Hoerman: Grant is Rick and Andrea’s younger son. Grant and Casie were married in 2012 and have 3 daughters, Kailan, Eylee and Emma. Grant and Casie are primarily at the processing plant with Rick but can also be found at our retail store.

At both locations, you will find that we are supported by hard working, friendly employees who are always there to answer your questions and help you find exactly what you need!

Family Mission

Humble before God
Patient with Man
Work by Faith